First I hope that you enjoy browsing the images on my site and if there are ones you like please comment on them. If there are ones you can't live without follow the process below. Thank you for stopping by, your support is greatly appreciated.

To purchase an image go to "My Galleries", select the gallery and the image you would like. You will see the Buy icon in the upper right corner. Select it and follow the guided menu to make your purchase.

A suggestion. Most of the images I create have a glow best suited to either metallic paper or metal prints. Though there are many selections to choose from metallic paper or any paper for that matter has the added cost of matting and framing. Metal prints have a wonderful gloss and are ready to hang right out of the box. 

I have attempted to keep cost within reason but please bare in mind that the cost of equipment, travel and my time add up. Also the printer and SmugMug get their slice of the pie.

Please take your time and look around and most of all ENJOY.


Jim Curzio

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